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Two men arrested after stolen $40,000 of chicken breast from South Carolina plant


In South Carolina, two men were detained on charges of grand larceny after allegedly stealing $40,000 worth of boneless chicken breasts from a poultry business.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the chicken heist took place on May 9.

Antonio Blackwell, 30, was originally detained by the sheriff’s office in connection with the case on May 22, according to the authorities.

The office put a request online on May 25 for assistance in locating Jeremy McFadden, 37, who surrendered himself the following day.

According to the sheriff’s office, both individuals were freed after posting $20,000 bail.

Requests for response from Pilgrim’s Pride were not immediately returned, but McFadden was identified as a corporate employee on his Facebook page.

Users of social media left their own comments after the police department posted McFadden’s information on Facebook. Some commended the man for accomplishing it.

One person commented, “I’m not even angry.” “I’m awestruck,

Others seized the chance to voice their concerns about the state of the economy.

According to one user, “He essentially left with 10 pounds of chicken breasts and a few wings in today’s economy.

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The crash of an NT plane left two persons critically injured


After a plane crash in the Northern Territory, two persons are in critical condition.

When the single-engine plane made contact with terrain as it approached an airport and landed upside down at Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria on Friday, it was carrying a pilot and five passengers.

Five people were treated by emergency personnel, at least two of whom were sent to the hospital in critical condition.

Possible causes include engine issues.

The aircraft had engine problems upon takeoff, and the pilot tried to land at Groote Eylandt, according to Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Angus Mitchell.

During approach, the aircraft collided with the terrain and came to rest inverted.

A team of detectives from the bureau will visit the crash site and plane debris to conduct their investigation.

Any recorded data, weather data, eyewitness accounts, operator protocols for the aircraft, and maintenance records will all be taken into account throughout the investigation.

A number of its personnel were reportedly engaged in the collision, according to the Anindilyakwa Land Council, which represents the regional traditional owners.

The council announced on social media that all travelers and crew were presently receiving medical attention.

All impacted families are in the hearts and minds of ALC.

The largest island in the Gulf, Groote Eylandt, is located in the NT and has a population of roughly 3000.

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5 Health Insurance in the USA: Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage for a Healthy Future


In today’s uncertain world, having access to quality healthcare is of utmost importance. Health insurance plays a vital role in providing individuals and families with the necessary financial protection against medical expenses. In the United States, a diverse range of health insurance options is available to cater to different needs. This article will delve into the topic of health insurance in the USA, exploring the various types, benefits, and considerations when choosing the right plan.

1. Understanding the Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance acts as a safety net, providing individuals and families with access to necessary medical services, preventive care, and financial protection in the face of unexpected health issues. It allows policyholders to receive medical treatment without incurring exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, ensuring peace of mind and a healthier future.

2. Types of Health Insurance Plans

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Many individuals in the USA receive health insurance coverage through their employers. Employer-sponsored health insurance offers a range of benefits, including group rates, comprehensive coverage, and the convenience of automatic deductions from the employee’s paycheck.

Individual and Family Health Insurance

For those who don’t have access to employer-sponsored plans, individual and family health insurance provides an avenue to secure coverage independently. These plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals or their families, allowing them to choose the level of coverage and benefits that align with their requirements.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are government-funded programs that provide health insurance to specific groups. Medicare primarily serves individuals aged 65 and older, as well as those with certain disabilities. On the other hand, Medicaid offers coverage to low-income individuals and families.

Marketplace Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Marketplace, established under the Affordable Care Act, offers a variety of health insurance plans. These plans are categorized into four metal tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier provides a different balance between monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance plans provide coverage for a limited duration, typically up to 12 months. They are designed to bridge gaps in coverage and provide temporary protection for individuals who are in transition, such as recent graduates or individuals between jobs.

3. Key Factors to Consider when Choosing Health Insurance

Selecting the right health insurance plan requires careful consideration of several factors that impact coverage, costs, and accessibility. These factors include:

Coverage and Benefits

Understanding the coverage and benefits offered by a health insurance plan is crucial. Evaluate the extent of coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, specialist care, preventive services, and emergency care. Additionally, consider whether the plan covers prescription drugs, mental health services, and alternative therapies.

Network of Providers

Check the network of healthcare providers associated with the insurance plan. Ensure that your preferred doctors, hospitals, and specialists are included in the network to receive in-network benefits. Out-of-network care often entails higher out-of-pocket costs.

Premiums, Deductibles, and Copayments

Compare the premiums, deductibles, and copayments associated with different health insurance plans. Premiums are the recurring monthly costs, while deductibles and copayments refer to the out-of-pocket expenses incurred when receiving care. Finding a balance between affordable premiums and manageable out-of-pocket costs is essential.

Prescription Drug Coverage

If you rely on prescription medications, consider the coverage provided for prescription drugs. Assess whether the plan includes the medications you need in its formulary and the associated copayments or coinsurance.

Out-of-Pocket Maximums

Out-of-pocket maximums cap the amount an individual or family has to pay in a given year. Consider the out-of-pocket maximums of different plans to understand the maximum financial liability you may face in the event of significant medical expenses.

4. Tips for Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers a wide array of options, making it essential to approach the selection process with some key considerations in mind:

Assessing Your Healthcare Needs

Before exploring health insurance plans, assess your healthcare needs. Consider factors such as your age, medical history, ongoing medications, and any anticipated healthcare services. This evaluation will help you identify plans that align with your specific requirements.

Comparing Plans

Review and compare different plans available in the Marketplace. Consider the coverage, benefits, network of providers, and costs associated with each plan. Make use of online resources, such as plan comparison tools and customer reviews, to gain insights and make an informed decision.

Determining Affordability

Evaluate the affordability of each plan by assessing the monthly premiums, deductibles, copayments, and potential subsidies or tax credits. Remember to consider not only the upfront costs but also the potential long-term financial impact.

Understanding Enrollment Periods

Be aware of the annual enrollment periods and special enrollment periods if you experience qualifying life events, such as marriage, job loss, or the birth of a child. Missing these enrollment periods may result in limited options or potential penalties.

5. The Significance of Health Insurance for Financial Security

Having adequate health insurance coverage is crucial for protecting your financial security. Medical expenses, especially for severe illnesses or injuries, can be substantial. Health insurance acts as a safeguard against these high costs, ensuring that you can receive the necessary care without compromising your financial stability.


In a country as vast and diverse as the United States, the landscape of health insurance can be complex. Understanding the different types of health insurance plans available, considering key factors while selecting a plan, and navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace effectively are essential for securing comprehensive coverage. By investing time and effort into choosing the right health insurance, individuals and families can pave the way for a healthier future.

10 ways to reduce premature skin aging


Our skin ages due to a variety of factors. There are some things we can’t change, while there are others we can. The aging process is one thing that we cannot stop. It has a crucial role. We all develop observable facial lines over time. Our faces naturally lose some of their youthful fullness as we age. We realize that our skin is getting drier and thinner. These modifications mostly depend on our genes. In medicine, this process of aging is referred to as “intrinsic aging.

Another sort of aging that impacts our skin is one that we can control. Our environment and lifestyle choices can speed up the aging process of our skin. This sort of aging is referred to in medicine as “extrinsic aging.” We can lessen the effects that this form of aging has on our skin by taking some preventive measures.

10 Ways To Stop Premature Skin Aging

Our skin ages prematurely due in large part to the sun. Our skin can age more quickly than it would normally by doing other things. Dermatologists provide their patients the following advice to assist them avoid early skin aging.

  1. Protect your skin from the sun every day

Sun protection is necessary whether you’re running errands or spending the day at the beach. Seek out shade, wear sun-protective clothes, such as a light, long-sleeved shirt, slacks, a wide-brimmed hat, and UV-protective sunglasses, and use sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, SPF 30 (or greater), and water-resistant to protect your skin. Every day, you should put sunscreen on any exposed skin that isn’t covered by clothing. Look for garments with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) marking for more effective protection.

  1. Apply self-tanner rather than get a tan

Your skin ages faster each time you acquire a tan. This is accurate whether you tan outdoors, in a tanning bed, or with other indoor tanning tools. All of them give off dangerous UV rays that quicken the aging process of your skin.

  1. If you smoke, stop

Smoking dramatically hastens the aging process of the skin. It results in crow’s feet and a lifeless complexion.

  1. Avoid repetitive facial expressions

The underlying muscles are tightened as you make a facial expression. These lines become permanent if you tense the same muscles repeatedly over a long period of time. Squinting lines can be lessened by wearing sunglasses.

  1. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet

According to the results of a few studies, eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables may help avoid the harm that causes early skin aging. Research findings also point to the possibility that a diet high in sugar or other refined carbs may hasten aging.

  1. Drink less alcohol

Alcohol causes skin irritation. The skin becomes dehydrated as a result, eventually causing injury. This may age us more noticeably.

  1. Exercise most days of the week

Results from a few research indicate that light exercise can increase immunity and enhance circulation. The skin may then appear more youthful as a result of this.

  1. Cleanse your skin gently

Cleaning your skin with a scrubber can irritate it. Skin aging is accelerated by irritation. Gentle washing helps to remove pollution, makeup, and other substances without irritating your skin.

  1. Wash your face twice a day and after sweating heavily

You should immediately cleanse your skin after sweating since perspiration irritates the skin, especially when wearing a hat or helmet.

  1. Stop using skin care products that sting or burn

It suggests your skin is irritated when it burns or stings. Skin irritation can make it appear older.

Note – Some dermatologist-recommended anti-aging creams may hurt or burn. This can be acceptable if you’re utilizing a prescription anti-aging product. Just be certain to inform your dermatologist.

Making lifestyle adjustments can be advantageous for anyone, even those who currently exhibit premature skin aging symptoms. You offer your skin a chance to partially repair the damage by protecting it from the sun. When smokers quit, their skin frequently looks better.

Trump’s Political Fortunes Shaken: From Unassailable to Facing Opposition


The political tide is shifting in favor of former President Donald Trump, who was long seen as invincible by rivals because of his sizable, devoted voter base and is now receiving greater criticism from Republican rivals and party leaders.

Since the announcement of his second indictment, 2024 GOP contenders who had previously refrained from criticizing any of his activities and had even avoided mentioning his name are now lining up to do so.

But it goes beyond the front-runners. Brad Raffensperger, the Republican Georgia secretary of state whom Trump compelled to annul the results of the 2020 election over a taped conference call on January 2, 2021, is the source of Trump’s most recent challenge. An accusation decision was anticipated this summer as a result of the hour-long call, which sparked a criminal investigation in Fulton County.

At his rallies, Trump has regularly criticized Raffensperger. On Saturday, he repeated his criticism of the call as “perfect” and made speculative statements about the outcome of the election. The Georgia crowd eventually started to jeer Raffensperger as a result.

Raffensperger is now retaliating. On Thursday, he told WRBL that a meeting between him and Trump on the debate stage might be in order.
Furthermore, Raffensperger doesn’t care too much about the debate stage. He is offering to visit any Republican institute, such as the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Texas, the Dole Institute of Politics in Kansas, or the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

Raffensperger promised a discussion. “I’ll bring a copy of my letter to Congress and a copy of my book, ‘Integrity Counts. He claimed that a study from Berkeley Research Group and Simpatico Software Systems, two companies hired by the Trump campaign to look into allegations of voter fraud in Georgia, may be brought by the former president. No indication of pervasive fraud was discovered by Berkeley and Simpatico.

The Georgia secretary of state stated that since the evidence is in favor of Raffensperger, we will discuss each argument individually. It’s uncertain and improbable that Trump would consent to that discussion. Even after threatening to boycott the GOP primary debates, he hasn’t agreed to debate his 2024 opponents. His justifications include the fact that he is the front-runner and doesn’t need to, as well as the notion that the venues and networks aren’t in his favor.

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Director of the SEC Los Angeles Regional Office Michele Layne will leave


Cindy Eson and Kate Zoladz will take over as acting co-directors

The Los Angeles Regional Office Director, Michele Layne, will leave the Securities and Exchange Commission this month after more than 27 years of service, the Securities and Exchange Commission stated today. Upon Ms. Layne’s departure, Cindy Eson and Kate Zoladz will take over as acting co-directors.

Gary Gensler, the chair of the SEC, stated, “I salute Michele for her lengthy commitment to public service here at the SEC, where she climbed from a staff attorney in our Division of Enforcement to our Regional Director in Los Angeles. “As one of the SEC’s Regional Directors with the longest tenure, Michele carried out significant efforts to safeguard investors and foster market trust. I would also want to thank Cindy and Kate for taking on the role of acting co-directors for the office.

Gurbir Grewal, Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, stated that Michele “has left a huge mark on the Enforcement Division and the SEC at large, from her leadership on major cases to her stewardship of the Los Angeles Regional Office.” “I can’t express how grateful I am for her service, and I wish her luck on her upcoming adventure.”

Richard R. Best, Director of the SEC’s Division of Examinations, said Michele has been a fantastic leader for the Los Angeles Regional Office and has contributed significantly to our ongoing efforts to promote compliance and safeguard American investors. “We are incredibly appreciative of her years of unflinching commitment to the Division’s and agency’s purpose.

I will always be appreciative of the opportunity to have worked with so many excellent public servants at the SEC, Ms. Layne added. The opportunity to oversee the SEC’s Los Angeles employees, who consistently advance the organization’s goal with their remarkable intelligence, innovation, justice, and persistence, has been both an honor and a source of great humility for me.

Ms. Layne has been in charge of all audits, inquiries, and enforcement court cases in the Los Angeles area, which includes Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, and Guam. In the Enforcement Division as a Staff Attorney, she started working for the SEC in 1996. In the Los Angeles office, she first rose to the position of Associate Regional Director for Enforcement before being promoted to Regional Director in 2012. Ms. Layne earned her law degree from the University of Southern California after graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, with honors and membership in Phi Beta Kappa.

Ms. Eson oversees the examinations program in the Los Angeles office and has the position of Associate Regional Director. She has approximately 28 years of experience at the SEC, serving in the Division of Enforcement as a Staff Attorney, Branch Chief, and Senior Investigative Counsel. In the Division of Examinations, she was appointed Assistant Regional Director in 2013. The University of Miami awarded Ms. Eson a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, and the University of Miami School of Law awarded her a magna cum laude in law. She holds certification in regulatory and compliance.

Since 2019, Ms. Zoladz has worked as the Los Angeles Regional Office’s Associate Regional Director for Enforcement. In 2010 as a Staff Attorney in the Los Angeles office, she started working for the SEC. After joining the Asset Management Unit of the Enforcement Division in 2017, she was later promoted to Assistant Regional Director in Los Angeles. Ms.

Zoladz graduated from Georgetown University with a magna cum laude bachelor’s degree in international politics and from the University of Pennsylvania Law School with a summa cum laude law degree.

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Updated COVID-19 Vaccines Are Recommended by an FDA Panel


The current slate of COVID-19 vaccines performing poorer against the XBB variant and its sub lineages prompted experts to urge upgrading the COVID-19 vaccines on June 15.
Less than a year after the vaccines were already revised because of worries about dwindling protection, FDA advisers unanimously decided to propose that the FDA clear new injections.

Dr. Eric Rubin, a Harvard Medical School professor of medicine and one of the advisers, stated, We need a better vaccine. Bivalent vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer that contain components of the Wuhan variant and the BA.4/BA.5 subvariants of the Omicron strain are expected to be approved by the FDA and recommended by the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the fall of 2022.

However, research and CDC data have shown that the revised vaccinations only offer fair protection against infection, and the protection against hospitalization is very temporary. The data presented to the panel was estimated for the XBB era, and the latter eventually goes negative.

In January, XBB, a different Omicron subvariant, took over in the US.
For the first time ever, a component of the Wuhan variety will not be present in the revised vaccines. Officials claim that’s because the immune response to more recent strains is hampered by immunological imprinting, or repeated exposure to the variant.

You won’t be competing with something that people have already seen two, three, or four times,” FDA scientist Jerry Weir said. A vaccine expert who isn’t on the panel, Dr. Robert Malone, told The Epoch Times that altering the vaccinations’ ingredients is “playing around at the margins.

The spike protein in the vaccine is “toxic,” he claimed, and it is the “real problem” that they are refusing to address. Regulators anticipate that the new vaccines will go on sale in or around September. A modification “would make this much easier for the companies to deliver and protect people around the world,” said Dr. Steve Pergram, a panelist and professor at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

In comparison to the currently available vaccinations, representatives from Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax presented animal data showing that vaccines targeting just XBB induce larger levels of neutralizing antibodies. Additionally, Moderna published results from clinical trials that contrasted adults who had a monovalent XBB vaccination to those who received a bivalent BA.4/BA.5 + XBB shot. More antibodies were generated by the monovalent vaccination.

There was no trial data with comparators who had not received vaccinations, and there were no data for youngsters. The FDA refused to answer Dr. Paul Offit’s question about whether such information would be made available before the new vaccines were released.

The CDC would offer recommendations on which populations might or should receive revised immunizations if the FDA approved them as anticipated.

According to Offit, a pediatrics professor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, some patients do not require an additional dose. Because not everyone gets from booster dosing, he stated, I think we need to define who really benefits from booster dosing.

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Future of Core DAO and Core Coin


A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), The Core DAO runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. It is a self-governing organization that runs by consensus among its members, enabling them to decentralize decision-making and resource distribution.

To provide a framework for the creation of decentralized apps (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) goods is the main goal of the main DAO. It accomplishes this by offering a structure for governance and a method for funding the creation and implementation of these apps.

The native token of the Core DAO, dubbed CORE, is one of its distinguishing qualities. The ownership and management of the Core DAO are represented by the CORE token. Individuals can take part in the Core DAO’s governance and decide how its resources will be distributed by owning CORE tokens.

Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain, are used to power the Core DAO. These contracts are intended to uphold the Core DAO’s policies and procedures, guaranteeing that the decisions taken by its members are carried out openly and securely.

The Core DAO performs governance duties as well as acting as a source of finance for new dApps and DeFi goods. Members of the Core DAO may suggest initiatives and ask for funding, and members may then vote to accept or reject those proposals. This enables the development of fresh, cutting-edge products that would not otherwise be possible without the assistance and resources of the Core DAO.

Future of Core DAO and Core Coin

As is the case with every cryptocurrency or decentralized organization, Core DAO coin’s future is unpredictable. The acceptance of the Core DAO’s platform for the creation of dApps and DeFi products, as well as the general expansion and development of the DeFi industry, will all have an impact on the success of the Core DAO and the value of its CORE token.

The future of Core DAO and its CORE token or coin, however, may be bright due to a variety of variables. For starters, the need for platforms like Core DAO that facilitate the creation and deployment of these goods is certain to increase as long as DeFi products and services continue to expand and be adopted. Additionally, users and investors who want more control and transparency in the financial system may view the decentralization and governance structure of the Core DAO as a favorable feature.

The future of Core DAO and its CORE token or coin is also susceptible to a number of risks and uncertainties, including legislative changes, competition from rival DeFi platforms, and technological developments that might render the platform out of date.

In the end, it is impossible to forecast with precision what will happen to this Core DAO and its CORE token or coin. Before making an investment, it is important to conduct extensive research and comprehend the dangers and potential rewards.

In conclusion, the Core DAO is a distinctive and avant-garde platform that offers a decentralized and autonomous structure for the creation of dApps and DeFi businesses. It is an excellent resource for anybody wishing to get involved in the expanding DeFi area because of its native CORE token or coin and smart contract-based governance mechanism.

Vehicle Insurance in the USA


Vehicle Insurance in the USA, Anyone who owns or drives a vehicle must comply with United States law. It is intended to offer financial security in the event of mishaps or other occurrences that result in vehicle damage or personal injury to you or others.
Liability insurance, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, personal injury protection, and many other types of auto insurance are all offered in the US.

The most fundamental kind of automobile insurance in the USA is liability coverage, which is mandated by law in the majority of states. It pays for any damage or injuries you might cause to someone else in an accident. This covers both property damage and any associated medical costs for anyone hurt in the collision.

Another well-liked choice is collision insurance, which pays for damage to your own car in the event of an accident. Damage from collisions with other vehicles, as well as damage from incidents like running into a tree or a structure, are all examples of this.

A more thorough kind of protection, comprehensive insurance covers a variety of damages to your car, including those caused by theft, vandalism, and natural catastrophes.

In the event of an accident, personal injury protection (PIP) insurance pays for the driver’s and passengers’ medical costs, regardless of who is at fault.

It’s crucial to search around and compare rates from several insurance companies while seeking vehicle insurance in the US. The degree of coverage you require, as well as any potential discounts or incentives, should also be taken into account. For drivers who fulfill specific income requirements or additional criteria, some states also provide low-cost insurance programs.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that the cost of auto insurance can vary widely based on your age, driving history, the vehicle you drive, and where you reside. While some states may have more lax standards, others may have harsher laws and regulations governing auto insurance.

In the end, anybody who owns or runs a vehicle in the United States is required by law to have car insurance. In the event of mishaps, property damage, or injuries to you or others, it offers financial protection. Liability, collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection are just a few of the various coverage options. To discover the finest coverage at the lowest cost, it’s crucial to shop about and compare quotes from several insurance providers.

Top 10 Vehicle Insurance in the USA

Here are the top 10 vehicle insurance providers in the USA out of the many that are available.

State Farm: The biggest auto insurer in the US is State Farm, which was founded in 1922. They have an excellent track record for customer service and provide a wide selection of coverage options and savings.

Geico: Geico is a well-liked option for auto insurance because of its memorable advertising and user-friendly website. The business is renowned for its quick and effective claims process and for providing competitive prices and a variety of discounts.

Progressive: The reputable auto insurance provider Progressive provides a selection of coverage options and savings. They also provide a special tool called Snapshot that tracks your driving patterns and offers customized rates using information from a gadget fitted in your car.

Allstate: One of the biggest auto insurance providers in the country, Allstate has a solid track record of financial stability. They have a solid track record for managing claims and provide a wide selection of coverage options and savings.

USAA: Only military personnel and their families are eligible for auto insurance via USAA. They have a solid track record for managing claims and are renowned for providing exceptional customer service and affordable pricing.

Nationwide: The well-known auto insurance provider Nationwide provides a variety of coverage options and savings. Additionally, they have a special program called On Your Side that offers customers personalized attention and support.

Farmers: Large auto insurance provider Farmers provides a variety of coverage options and incentives. They also have a special application called SmartRide that tracks your driving patterns and provides customized rates using information from a gadget fitted in your car.

Travelers: A reputable provider of auto insurance, Travelers provides a variety of coverage options and savings. They are well-regarded for resolving disputes expertly and have a solid track record of financial stability.

Liberty Mutual: Large auto insurance provider Liberty Mutual provides a variety of savings and coverage alternatives. They have a great record for managing claims and are well-known for their exceptional customer service.

American Family: Large auto insurance provider American Family provides a variety of coverage options and incentives. They have a solid track record for managing claims and are renowned for providing exceptional customer service.

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Texas Governor Signs Controversial Bill Restricting Transgender Athletes’ Participation


In an expansion of a 2021 law that forbade transgender students in K–12 Texas school districts and some charter schools from doing the same, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Thursday prohibiting transgender college athletes in the state from participating in sports that correspond with their gender identity.

Senate Bill 15, also known as the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” was presented by Abbott as an effort to shield female athletes from unfair competition.

Sports for women are in danger. He claimed during a signing event on Thursday that some women are compelled to compete with biological guys.

The new regulation, which goes into effect on September 1, enables people to bring legal action against organizations that let trans athletes play on teams that reflect their gender identity.

With Alabama imposing limitations last month and the US House passing a similar prohibition in April, limiting transgender athletes’ ability to compete on sports teams that match their gender identity has become a major priority for some Republicans.

They claim that the rules allow female athletes an equal opportunity to participate and that transgender women have a physical edge over cisgender women. Research on trans collegiate athletes is, however, scant. There is “no direct or consistent research” to suggest that trans people perform better than their cisgender counterparts in athletic competition, according to a 2017 paper in the journal Sports Medicine.

The limits, according to critics, are discriminatory.

Specifically in Texas’ public universities and colleges, SB 15 is yet another harmful attack from anti-LGBTQ lawmakers on transgender Texans’ right to be embraced, accepted, and able to thrive, according to Marti Bier of the Texas Freedom Network, a group that campaigns against conservative legislation and educational policies.

The new rule comes after Abbott signed a bill earlier this month that forbade most youngsters in the state from receiving gender-affirming medical care, making Texas the biggest US state to limit transgender children’s access to life-saving care.
The ACLU reports that over 490 anti-LGBTQ laws have been submitted this year, part of a bigger effort by GOP-controlled legislatures across the US to restrict transgender persons.

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