AI showdown: I put 3 chatbots to the test


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As I scour 35 to 40 websites a day to make sure I’m up to speed on the tech world, I’m seeing a common theme: drama. There’s a lot of it in the AI world right now, and unsurprisingly, it’s mainly humans causing the buzz. While everyone from Elon Musk to The New York Times is busy suing OpenAI, I’m just focused on whether these AI chatbots actually work.

So, how useful are they, really? I did the work for you. I compared the free versions of ChatGPT from OpenAI, Google Gemini and Perplexity to see how well they helped with some real-life scenarios. 


First, I backed out of “Aunt Patty’s” family meal…

Without hurting her feelings, of course. I got our three bots to draft an email politely excusing me from a family meal put on by an imaginary aunt. We’ve all been there.

Winner: Gemini. It acknowledged the “effort and love” the aunt was putting into the “special gathering” and said I was “incredibly disappointed to miss out.” Bonus: It suggested an alternative, like a video call.

Then, I launched a “million-dollar” business

“Shark Tank” here I come! I asked the bots to write a pitch for my hot new business idea: A phone case that physically locks your handset so you’re not distracted from work or family time.


Winner: ChatGPT’s “FocusGuard.” I’m giving this one to ChatGPT (and not just because it was the most flattering). It was the most imaginative and even included made-up quotes! It raved about “Focus Guard’s” “ingenious” benefits for productivity, well-being and relationships.

Last up, I planned a hike

Of course, these big models don’t actually “know” anything, but they’ve read a lot of human knowledge — so I asked for some advice on planning a short hike with my husband.

My favorite: ChatGPT. It hit all the basics in a super clear and concise way — bullet points for the win! It reminded me to check the weather, research the trail, tell someone where we were going, avoid the hottest part of the day and (of course) bring water and first aid. Bonus: It reminded me not to litter in nature.


Final score: ChatGPT 2, Gemini 1, Perplexity 0 

Listen, if AI can help us avoid awkward social interactions, it’ll be a crowning achievement. For now, they’re still autocorrect machines dialed up to 11— and I’m not sure I’d outsource any of these jobs to AI entirely just yet, but they do offer a good starting point. 

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