Charity Dun – Noted Motivational Speaker – Announces Release of Her New Book – “A Gift of a Curse”


This book is a testament to inner strength and the ability to bounce back. It exemplifies the experience of feeling lost and then being saved by grace and mercy. It reveals the incredible power of turning hardships into victories and transforming pain into strength. It’s a captivating story of triumph over adversity that will reignite self-belief and inspire readers to find hope within themselves once more.

Chicago, Illinois, February 23, 2024, Every year there are thousands of books published. Only a very few have the power through their written words to affect people’s lives. The new book by Charity Dun is just such a book. Captivating throughout, A Gift of a Curse is a powerful story chronicling the author’s experiences growing up and how she overcame all of the roadblocks she encountered along the way.

A Gift of a Curse is the true story of a young woman whose life was cursed from the moment she was born. She endured a great deal of pain and abuse which led her down a path of addiction, time in prison, and making a series of bad decisions. She felt alone and unloved, and struggled to understand why was all of this misery happening to her.

As the author shares her story, she inspires the reader to use their own pain for their superpower. Through her journey, she learned to love herself and find hope, despite the lies and mistreatment she had experienced. She eventually found the strength to leave an abusive 9-year marriage, and use her experiences to empower herself and others.

This book is a demonstration of strength and resilience. It shows what it means to be lost and found by grace and mercy, and how it’s possible to turn trauma into triumph. It’s a story about becoming victorious rather than a victim, and how to overcome pain with power.

Through this book, the author hopes to empower readers to overcome their own trials and challenges. She wants to give hope to those who feel lost and alone, and inspire them to find the strength to move forward. This book is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is light.

During a recent interview, Charity made these comments, “I’m the author of A Gift of a Curse, a powerful memoir that tells the true story of my life. I was raised on the west side of Chicago by my adoptive parents after my birth mother gave me away due to racism and generational curses. My life has been filled with unbelievable turn of events that will make you laugh and cry, as I share my heartfelt story of pain and heartbreak.

Growing up, I had to survive gangs, bullying, addiction, abuse, and domestic violence. But I never gave up hope. I wanted to share my story in a way that would inspire young people to never choose the same path that I did, and to give hope to those who feel like their situation will never get better. My purpose for writing this book is to encourage someone to choose life and to inspire readers to believe in themselves again. I want to speak life into my readers and allow my pain to give them power. I made it through my struggles, and I want everyone to know that they can make it too.”

Through this memoir, she hopes to make a positive impression on the lives of those who read it. She wants to inspire others to face adversity head-on and never give-up hope.

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Charity Dun – Noted Motivational Speaker – Announces Release of Her New Book – “A Gift of a Curse” 3