ItalianDragon Has Released “Traveler’s Journey” -Book 1 – Third Path of Creation – The Omniverse Series


“Traveler’s Journey” newly released as an Audiobook for fans of dragons and LitRPG novels. Science Fiction Fantasy lovers that enjoy isekai stories and a protagonist who’s incredibly skilled and uses both his knowledge and life lessons to overcome challenges. This is a story that features strong alliances and characters who uplift one another instead of being rivals.

Los Angeles, California, March 6, 2024, In Traveler’s Journey, Join James as he embarks on a thrilling adventure, determined to uncover the truth behind his friend’s mysterious disappearance during their guild’s raid night. Little does he know, his search will transport him from Earth to an extraordinary realm known as the Nexus, where all thoughts and realities converge.

What makes this place even more intriguing is its foundation on Role Playing Game (RPG) mechanics. Along the way, James must navigate the treacherous Sea of Chaos, the ethereal space bridging all dimensions.

Survivors of this perilous journey are bestowed with newfound abilities, granting them the strength to survive and flourish in the Nexus. Assuming his gamer alias, Deathwalker, James must swiftly adapt to this fantastical realm in the hopes of reuniting with his missing friend.

Will Deathwalker thrive in this alien world as he embarks on his inaugural Traveler’s Journey? Discover the captivating tale of Deathwalker in this riveting science fiction-fantasy audiobook, delving into the realms of sci-fi and fantasy.

Reader Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what Taofeek Adekunle has to say,            “Beautiful and Amazing Story, It’s hard not to read this book. Very good and entertaining book. The narrative centers around James, a determined protagonist on a quest to unravel the mystery behind his friend’s disappearance during a gaming night.”

About The Author:

ItalianDragon has a passion for all things that express creative imagination from art, fantasy and science fiction stories, anime, and video games. Writing with a belief all persons are more similar than different and just have to look for the similarities. Coming from an immigrant family who taught him the importance of self-accountability, critical thinking, and looking out for one another.

Readers and Listeners are bound to find such relatable reminders in his writing from random cultural, popular, and nerd references. Being a fellow nerd, expect to find those random Easter eggs and humor that only a fellow fan will get. ItalianDragon is focused on expanding a larger “Omniverse” cut across multiple series of books, each focused on different concepts and themes.

With a love for history and the lore from multiple cultures, expect to explore unique takes on alternative history, myths, and legends with a cadre of characters with their own motivations and personalities that let’s just say can lead to some interesting outcomes. Also, do not forget about dragons, it is in his name after all. Do not be surprised if a few of the main characters just happen to be dragons or have close ties with them.

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ItalianDragon Has Released “Traveler's Journey” -Book 1 – Third Path of Creation – The Omniverse Series 3