Kevin Allen, Former Bodybuilder and Master Personal Trainer, Announces Launch of His Much-Anticipated New Book – “The Keto Experience Cookbook: Complete Guide To Keto Dieting For The Over 40 Crowd”


The keto diet is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder why. It offers a unique and effective approach to dieting that actually produces results. Many folks have noticed how many famous fitness enthusiasts and health experts are singing its praises, and there’s no shortage of online resources touting its numerous health benefits.

Los Angeles, California, February 24, 2024, The keto lifestyle offers numerous benefits for weight loss and overall health. By reducing carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats, the body enters a state of ketosis, where it burns stored fat for energy. This can lead to significant weight loss and increased energy levels. The history of the keto diet dates back to the 1920s when it was developed as a treatment for epilepsy. Today, it has gained popularity as an effective method for weight management and improving overall well-being.

“The Keto Experience Cookbook: Complete Guide To Keto Dieting For The Over 40 Crowd” by Kevin Allen is already changing lives, as it has done for the author. During a recent interview, Kevin made these comments, “Midway in 2016, I began having difficulty urinating and my back was in constant pain. After countless visits to the emergency room, surgery to correct my prostate, and dropping 70 pounds I took an Uber to UCSF Medical Center at my best friends pleading – and that Turned It Around.

I had two forms of cancer due to the inadequate medical attention I had previously received. My kidneys were failing and I was nearing paralysis – then an early grave. I would endure a 12-hour spinal surgery to scrape cancer from my spine and have it fused with titanium just to get the party started. Had I not had the right mindset and lifestyle – I would have been dead, leaving behind my family due to some incredibly poor medical attention.”

He goes on to say, “I had to Turn It Around. I literally had the worse of everything. My doctor told me I needed to swing for a homerun and knock it out of the park. Traditional Chemotherapy failed me – my body rejected it completely. My first attempt to get on a Clinical Trial was not successful as was the second. My doctors refused to give up on me so continued to fight. Finally, I was accepted on a clinical trial and it was still miserable. Throwing up everything morning noon, and night.

I felt horrible for my wife having to care for me. I was useless. I needed help with everything. While in the hospital I recorded over 500 visitors dating back from middle school, police department, clients, family, and friends. How could I not Turn It Around. I never thought I would lose. I didn’t think it was possible to even think that way until I heard other patients talk about their case. I pictured myself back in true form and guess what? I did Turn It Around.”

Kevin is presenting this amazing recipe book, filled with the simplest, yet tastiest foods that anyone new to keto would ever desire.

The Keto Experience Cookbook readers will learn:

  • What the keto diet is, and how it works.
  • Why it’s difficult to lose weight when you reach 40.
  • Easy, tasty breakfast recipes.
  • Mouthwatering lunch and dinner recipes.
  • Easy to make and delicious snacks and appetizers.
  • And so much more!

This book is designed to make the keto lifestyle journey an amazing experience that readers will be more than glad to follow through with to achieve their desired health and weight/body size.

About The Author:

Kevin Allen was born and raised in San Francisco and blessed with a childhood full of martial arts, and a father who pushed me on to achieve my brown belt. He challenged me to face the best students in countless Kenpo Karate classes, and it was a great example to me of what happens when you have the right support. My confidence grew, I grew up, and I moved to Oakland in 1984 to become a police officer. At times I loved my job, but fitness was always my true calling.

Hard work in the gym paid off when I qualified for the Nationals in BodyBuilding and I realized my purpose in life: helping others shape their dream lives. Not everyone wanted to be up on stage with an extreme physique, but everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. All I needed was for a door to open so I could start making a difference.

When a fellow gym member approached me and said she wanted me to train her, I knew I’d found my niche. Before long I’d gone from a novice trainer to one of the most in-demand experts anywhere in the Bay Area. Intense and focused 30-minute sessions became my hallmark and I never looked back.

What was really interesting was that over 90% of all my clients were middle aged women — I would never have expected that! Their commitment to weight loss and determination never to give up inspired me, and it wasn’t long before I was the proud owner of Namaste Personal Training. We had 2 sites, 6 full-time trainers, and hundreds of clients enjoying fun sessions every single day. Then life had other plans for me…

I had to take a detour and beat 2 forms of stage 4 cancer, and I’m truly thankful that I was in such great shape to begin with. It just goes to show how investing in yourself today really does pay off tomorrow in ways you can’t possibly imagine. I used to keto to build myself back better than ever, put on weight in a healthy way, and reclaim my physique. In less than a year I taking on new clients and back in my groove.

Why am I telling you all this? Because if I can go on this type of journey by myself, just imagine what you can do with my experience by your side.”

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Kevin Allen, Former Bodybuilder and Master Personal Trainer, Announces Launch of His Much-Anticipated New Book – “The Keto Experience Cookbook: Complete Guide To Keto Dieting For The Over 40 Crowd” 3