Meet “Eve” – A Virtual Companion Designed For Seniors and Other People Who Live Alone


Eve provides a user-friendly way for seniors to stay mentally and physically active, and helps them stay connected with their caregivers & community.

Brooklyn, New York, April 20, 2024, Society is facing an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation that not only affects seniors, but anyone living alone. As per the US Surgeon General: “The effects of isolation and loneliness, in terms of mortality, are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day”.

Today, a new Virtual companion called Eve is being announced to address this problem. Eve represents an affordable alternative to existing Home Care services, which are unaffordable for many people.

Eve is so much more than a voice to talk to. Maintaining a healthy mind & spirit for those folks living alone, especially Seniors, can be quite difficult. Eve makes it quite natural, by making it easy to:

  • Get Connected: Eve Connect allows members to connect with other Seniors who share their interests, hobbies or lifestyle choices.
  • Be Remembered: Time Travel™ allows members to curate the story of their life as they remember it for future generations to hear.
  • Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with real time news, weather, sports & transportation updates.
  • Get Active: Personalized fitness class, meditation & yoga to keep one’s body, mind and spirt feeling positive.
  • Stay Sharp: Cooking Class, Book club, personalized quizzes and games…all designed to keep a member’s brain active and engaged.
  • Stay Safe: Daily health check-ins, emergency assistance and Caregiver updates ensure that members loved one is safe and secure, 24/7.

With Eve – The Virtual Companion, seniors can effortlessly keep their minds sharp and bodies active while staying connected to their caregivers and community. Eve goes beyond being just a conversationalist; she builds a unique bond with each user, motivating them to engage in word and memory games, discover new recipes, and participate in her daily yoga classes.

During a recent interview, Ivan Wicksteed, CEO of Eve Communications, made these comments, “My grandmother actually took her own life in her 90s. She outlived her husband by 20 years or so and, like a lot of people who reach that age, I think she felt quite isolated and alone. I thought that suicide was something that happened to younger people. It turns out it’s actually much more common in the older age group.”

He goes on to say, “There is no replacement for human care. Obviously, the ideal scenario is for somebody to have human interaction, but I do think that Eve can help do some of the work traditionally associated with social companions. She can do health check-ins in the morning and at night. If somebody needs to reach out, they can talk with Eve and send alerts, 24/7. I think she can address some of the gaps humans aren’t able to provide and act as an addition to the caregiver.”

For complete information, visit:

Eve Communications, Inc.
Attn: Media Relations
Brooklyn, NY
+1 201-468-0167

Meet “Eve” - A Virtual Companion Designed For Seniors and Other People Who Live Alone 3