Home News ‘Twins’ stars Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger reuniting for new movie: ‘There’s a script being written’

‘Twins’ stars Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger reuniting for new movie: ‘There’s a script being written’

‘Twins’ stars Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger reuniting for new movie: ‘There’s a script being written’

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Danny DeVito and “Twins” costar Arnold Schwarzenegger are in talks to make another movie together.

“He’s like my buddy. We have a good time together,” DeVito, who is preparing to do “Matilda in Concert,” told Fox News Digital of Schwarzenegger. “You know, we’re trying to do another movie together. We’re in the middle of — there’s a script being written. We want to get back on the big screen together.”

DeVito, who recently reunited with Schwarzenegger for the 2024 Oscars, explained they’re discussing the project with Warner Bros., but it won’t be a sequel to “Twins.” 

“Ivan, rest his soul, he’s no longer with us. Ivan Reitman, who did ‘Twins,’ who got us together on the screen for the first time,” the “Taxi” star said of the “Ghostbusters” and “Kindergarten Cop” director who died in 2022. DeVito and Schwarzenegger also reunited six years after “Twins” for the comedy “Junior,” which was also directed by Reitman. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito t the Oscars

Danny DeVito told Fox News Digital he and “Twins” costar Arnold Schwarzenegger are reuniting for a new movie. The two presented an award together at the Oscars last weekend.  (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

DeVito said he was friends with Schwarzenegger before “Twins,” and they would see each other “once in a while, you know, not at the gym, because I don’t go,” he laughed. “But we’re looking forward to getting back up there on the screen. So, fingers crossed, next year we’ll be in production with something. We always have a good time together. He’s a sweet guy.” 


The 79-year-old said he and the former California governor have remained close, and DeVito often visits Schwarzenegger’s house. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in 2004

The 79-year-old said he and the former California governor have remained close, and DeVito often visits.  (Jesse Grant/WireImage)

I know all the animals,” DeVito said of Schwarzenegger’s pet-filled home. “Schnelly the pig. And, you know, the horse bites me when I try to feed him. … We smoke a stogie in the yard. You know, come on, and we have a good time. I love him.” 

DeVito said over the years the former body builder has been helpful in reminding him to keep his “weight down.”

WATCH: Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger planning another movie together

We talk to each other about food,” he told Fox News Digital. “We love to eat. This is a big thing. And we love ice cream. We love dessert, you know?

“I turn him on to, like, Italian food. And he tells me, ‘Eat less.’” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in "Twins"

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito starred in “Twins” in 1988.  (Universal/Getty Images)


DeVito also talked about preparing to star in “Matilda in Concert” with the New Jersey Symphony, later this month.

This is big, man,” De Vito said, adding he was pitched the idea by composer David Newman, who did the music for 1996’s “Matilda,” which DeVito starred in and directed. 

“You take the sound out of the movie, and the New Jersey Symphony orchestra plays. I’m in the movie as Mr. Wormwood, hence the mustache. But I also narrate the movie. So, I’m on stage while he’s conducting. … I’m, I’m really looking forward to that night.” 

“Matilda” was an adaptation of a Roald Dahl book about a bright young girl with intellectually incurious parents who just happens to be telekinetic. 

WATCH: Danny DeVito on doing ‘Matilda in Concert’ with New Jersey Symphony: ‘Off the charts’

DeVito also talked about acting opposite his wife, Rhea Perlman, in the film and becoming a grandparent. 


“We worked together in many things off Broadway, and she was my girlfriend on ‘Taxi.’ … She was the ‘nice girl’ and, you know, and so we’ve done a lot together, besides. Made a beautiful bunch of kids who I love dearly, and now we’re grandparents together, and we just had a baby. My middle daughter [Grace] had a baby, Sinclair. She’s going to be a year old on March 17. And it’s just, you know, ‘grandpa.’ … There’s nothing like it. It’s off the charts.” 

Danny DeVito smiling with Rhea Perlman

Danny DeVito said he and Rhea Perlman are “doing great.”  (Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Center for Reproductive Rights)

He said he cried when his other daughter, Lucy, told him she was pregnant before a recent performance of their Broadway show “I Need That” in which they played father and daughter. 

WATCH: Danny DeVito says he and Rhea Perlman are ‘doing great’

She came to my dressing room one night. She said, ‘Pop, I’m pregnant.’ And I just burst into tears,” DeVito told Fox News Digital. “And it was so good for the play because, in the play, she’s my daughter. I’m a hoarder, and she’s got a problem. She’s taking care of me, and I’m keeping her back in life. And I have a line that Theresa Rebeck wrote, which is, go, you know, she’d go to Nebraska, ‘Take that job, go, you know, meet somebody nice and have kids. That’s who you take care of.’ Every night I got to say that on Broadway. It was like a gift.” 

DeVito also said he and Perlman, who remain married but separated, are “doing great.” 

Danny DeVito with Rhea Perlman and daughter Lucy

Danny DeVito with Rhea Perlman and daughter Lucy DeVito.  (Walter McBride/Getty Images)


We’re sharing our granddaughter, our new granddaughter, and we see each other all the time,” he said. “Yesterday was Lucy’s birthday. We were together for the birthday party, and we had just a family party, you know, and, we’re a tight family.” 

Perlman, who played DeVito’s wife in “Matilda;” Mara Wilson, who was Matilda; and Pam Ferris, who portrayed sadistic headmistress Miss Trunchbull, will also make guest appearances for the March 22 performance of “Matilda in Concert” at the State Theatre New Jersey.